For those with a heart for it, gardening can be fun. It can be a good way to relief off the stressful daily chores and at the same time it gives you a guarantee that you will have fresh supplies in your kitchen, harvested right from your backyard. This does not have to be an expensive affair as long as you choose the right period and plants. Summers are not particularly the best when it comes to gardening due to the hot weather, rain scarcity and heavy pest infestations. These are factors that can discourage even the most experienced gardener. Fall gardening on the other hand can be quite rewarding by giving you the best cabbages and broccoli for instance. There are a few tips outlined here that will see you gaining much from your fall gardening passion. 

Have your own seedlings

If you time correctly and start planting immediately after fall commences, you have a better chance of getting the best out of the fall. One major way to accomplish this is to sow your own seedlings. You can also opt to purchase from garden centers but there is no guarantee you will get the best selection. A seedling bed should be prepared indoors two to three weeks prior to the planting period. After germination, the seedlings should be transferred to the garden during a cloudy weather day to prevent them from wilting. If you are unable to prepare a seedling bed prior to the planting season, you can also sow the seeds directly into the shallow furrows then cover with adequate soil and keep the furrows moist to hasten the germination. The trick lies in planting early to ensure the seedlings get a boost for the summer warm temperatures. Cabbages for instance thrive well under warm temperatures and may not even mature to the desired levels in cold seasons. 

Soil fertility

To get the best out of fall gardening, it is essential that your soil be enriched with manure and other organic micronutrients to ensure healthy and super-nutritious harvest. Food grown in a fertile soil has an additionally great taste. In place of the inorganic fertilizers available in the local stores, you can prepare your own manure using leafy greens and any other plants left after the springs. Spinach and cabbages can also mature well if planted in an area that priory held beans and peas especially as such portions of the land are heavily laden with the presence of nitrogen which is essential for most leafy plants.

Secrets to growing cabbages

Fall gardening does not have to be restrained to the plethora of other crops you have hard all the years rather it can be a time to try out new ideas. Cabbages are quite popular and a common item in the menu of most homes. This is because they are easy to grow and are not so demanding. The most important factor however is their preference for cool weather and this is crucial if you want them to mature gracefully with hard and well formed heads.  They also require constant tendering and moisture; this is so as they are shallow rooted. In the absence of adequate water they will have split heads and unhealthy leaves. Mulching and compost manure can go a long way in adding in water retention in times of a dry spell.

Kales in the fall

Kale has been identified as one of the most appropriate for fall gardening owing to its ability to withstand cool temperatures and sometimes can do so even in extreme weather patterns. It is always advisable to sow the seeds a few weeks before the initial frost. You can prepare furrows in a bean garden to shield the young seedlings from the harsh weather as well as reap from the abundant supply of nitrogen from the legumes. With the right soil pH and fertility you can be sure of tender, tasty and succulent leaves. For better performance it is crucial to have adequate manure and moisture. Like cabbages, kales are not so demanding but they only require close tending and attention to rid of any aphids.

Spruce it up with flowers


If you are into flowers, there are tens of varieties to choose from that will indeed add a sparkle to your garden. Whether it is the sparkly goldenrods, the dazzling asters or the glittering chrysanthemums, there is a guarantee of freshness as the debilitating effects of frost begin to wither. To rip much from fall flowers it is fundamental that you plant them early into the season. It is also essential that you know the kinds of species that will do well under the fall conditions. Marigold is one classic example of a flower that blooms well and yet is also inexpensive to manage.  If you are looking for tall flowers, helenium would be a perfect choice. The list of what you can select is endless and all of them can guarantee you a spectacular sight in your garden.


Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutation) - keeps you fit and fat-free

Have you ever wondered or asked, “Can I benefit from yoga, if I devote less than 20 minutes for the practice daily?” If you are willing to make a habit out of this, the answer is ‘yes!’

surya-namaskar-step-1-2-3_625x350_41433762585.jpg (625×350)

“Yoga” is a highly revered word in the world of spiritual, mental and physical fitness. If you haven’t been a fan of this exhilarating form of exercise due to lack of time, this is just for you to catch up. This gift from ancient Indian saints to humanity is now an integral part of the daily lives of a large number of people across the globe. According to The Economic Times, “Over 200 million people participated in the International Yoga Day Celebrations on 21 June 2015, cutting across religion, borders, and differences.”

Yoga can be performed anywhere, anytime, though mornings* are preferred. The requirements are minimal, a mat to lie down and comfortable clothing. Still, many of us do not take advantage of its immense benefits regularly. The reasons can be many. Not finding the right trainer, lack of time, lack of awareness etc. Generally, you need to devote at least an hour daily for yoga practice. In this age of fast-paced life, very few have an hour to spare.

I have set aside 15 minutes daily for my practice. Instead of going through every posture of the yoga daily, I perform Surya Namaskara and am able to maintain a fit and fat-free body like any other yoga practitioner. But, do not mistake Sun Salutation as a replacement for yoga. It is part and parcel of yoga, a precursor to performing other postures. The advantages of 15 to 20 rounds of Sun Salutation, on a daily basis, can never be overemphasized. This ritual increases the flexibility of your body and helps you perform other more specific asanas better. Also, regular Sun salutation gifts you with a healthy mind in a healthy body with healthy heart and lungs.

ca2892aab1782aa970c0992fe6355659.jpg (600×884)

Surya Namaskara is a combination of 12 yoga postures performed at a stretch with total control over the body and the breath. A regular practitioner performs one set of 12 postures in over one minute, and 12 sets in around fifteen minutes. It is not an instant remedy for weight loss. The keyword is regular practice. It makes you fit, flexible and fine, if you have the will to be a regular.

How to practice - a pictorial representation: (Courtesy - Yoga, Instruction Booklet by Vivekananda Kendra)

Surya Namaskara is a combination of 12 postures and breathing techniques.

E - stands for exhalation, I - for inhalation, K - for kumbhaka - complete exhalation followed by cessation of breath for a few seconds. Start from posture #12 which is in the center of the diagram (with normal breathing). Move on to posture 1 (with inhalation) and follow the cycle clockwise. If you still have any doubt, watch this video link by Isha Sherwani, one of the best that I have watched.

Things to remember: A 5-minute stretching exercise prior to, and relaxation after, should be a part of Sun Salutation. Relax by lying down in Shavasana or corpse posture. If possible, face east while doing the namaskara.

Note: Surya Namaskara is not a replacement for full-fledged yoga asanas. In today’s world, where “busyness” is the buzzword and sparing an hour daily becomes impossible, this precursor to yoga will give you a flexible, disease-free body and a relaxed mind to some extent. If you are looking for ultimate spiritual happiness, use Surya Namaskara as a stepping stone and graduate to full-fledged YOGA, a comprehensive health-package at no cost!

* Why mornings? That’s the time your stomach is almost empty, you are relaxed and you breathe in more oxygenated air.



General comparison

Which computer is better: PC or Mac? This is one debate that does not look like it is going to subside very quickly. This debate has been raging on for the past few years, and enthusiasts or users of both sides accuse each other of abusing and disparaging each other’s products. This question can be answered by you and you alone.

it_photo_17518.jpg (540×304)

Personal opinion

The ratings and the reviews of users are less important than your personal opinion as tech gurus state that the hardware used in both is almost the same. The implementation of the software and difference in packing is what distinguishes them from one another. The cost too is somewhat the same too. So which one should you choose for your home or work place? Any day, I would choose a Mac over a PC.

Why is Mac Better?

There is no doubt that a Mac is better than a PC. There are many reasons why people prefer a Mac over a PC. The first and foremost reason is that the cost of a Mac is the same as that of a PC.

Enjoying same rates 

The difference is that the Mac is better than the PC, which basically means that consumers get a better product at the same cost (as the cost of both is almost the same). If you have been following Macintosh, the company, it has cut the prices of computers to the prices at which PC’s are available. There is no denying the fact that that Mac’s were more expensive than PC’s earlier, but the fact does not hold any truth today.

Perfect for middle class consumers

A Mac comes in all sorts of price tags and is ideal for both lower middle class and middle class users. The second advantage of Mac is its user friendliness. All Mac users can attest to the fact that Mac is much more user friendly than the PC has ever been.

The solid machine

Quality and long lasting

I know people whose old Mac’s are running perfectly fine. On the other hand, some of my friends who have been using PC’s complain that their system needs an upgrade quite often. The issue is not only about company loyalty; it is also about the number of years it will last in the same condition. 

The Mac beats the PC anytime when it comes to lasting long.

Superior looks

The looks of a Mac are far superior to those of a PC. If you the kind of person who likes good looks combined with great features then a Macintosh is for you. The Mac has the looks that you can die for. Trendy and friendly is the mantra that the Mac represents.


Quality matters

The other case is of authenticity. Till date, Mac builds its own parts; it does not source them from vendors or suppliers. All Macs made are certified and original, in other words, they are authentic. However, unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the PC. Microsoft sources parts of PC’s from technical vendors. This may be the reason why viruses affect PC’s more than Macintosh computers. Moreover the use of inferior parts in PC’s is also leading to a speculation that Microsoft is looking at gaining monetarily ignoring the quality behind the success of the company.

Online safety

 The tools and the features available in a Mac are more than the ones available in a PC. You should always ask yourself this question: are you looking for a quality product or a cheap one? If the former is true, then you should buy a Macintosh, if the latter is true, then you can go for a PC. There is no doubt about this: the Mac is superior to the PC, so long as technological usage is concerned. You should take advantage of the fact that the market share of the Mac is less than that of the PC as less market share also means less spyware and virus programs. Programming is easier to do on a Mac than on a PC and many programmers attest to my belief.

The truth about Mac computers


There are some misconceptions about Mac’s that I would like to clear. Mac’s are not necessarily more expensive than PC’s. The use of inferior or pirated parts so long as the PC is concerned helps to drive down its cost. However are you willing to compromise on the quality of the computer on which you may be working on for a couple of dollars? Mac’s can also be upgraded to PC’s. As most of the hardware is the same, the up gradation is not very hard.  

Sturdy and trendy

As a consumer, you would naturally prefer a computer that you will use for long, which will stick with you through thick and thin. You would not want the many viruses that affect your work and data, would you? Buying a Mac will ensure than the amount of viruses and spy ware programs are less than that of a PC. If you are looking at a cool ‘computer’ to give you your kids, then a Mac would be appropriate as it looks much better than the bland PC. The look of the computer would be highly appreciated by your kids, who will get a respite from the same old shape of the PC.

Advantages of a Mac over a PC 

High on quality

The superior user interface of a Mac is another reason why it should be chosen over a PC.

The applications areas covered are far more Mac than in a PC. A Mac is armed with anti-virus systems and other utilities. Video editing and graphics are some of the areas where the Mac scores over the PC once again. Data security which is an industry of its own is very vital for any computer. A Mac scores over the PC as viruses’ target PC’s much more than they target Macintosh computers. The stylish looks of a Mac that makes it as an appliance rather than a computer is appreciated by one and all.

Macintosh computers for businesses

 If you have a company, then you probably hire employees who work on computers right? In this case as well, buying Macintosh computers for them would prove ideal as quality is vital for working people. Naturally, they would prefer working on computers which are superior technologically, than cheap ones. If the quality of your computers is good, then naturally it will reflect on the performance of their work as well. If your employees are happy, with their performance, they are likely to give you their best each and every time. Your company will earn good money only and only if it uses good quality computers.  Mac is the best, can anyone doubt that?  You should never compromise with your work and go for a PC, as this will lead to many unseen problems at a later stage. Problems like system defects, viruses will be likely crop up in the future. Thus for all these reasons, you should buy Mac computers than PC’s.


Macintosh computers hold more value in the market than PC’s do. Their compact shape has found many admirers. If you are looking for a computer for your office then buy Mac as you would want a PC which lasts longer and is better in technological aspects. If you are looking for a quality computer that will last with you for a few years, choose a Macintosh computer. A Macintosh computer is better than a PC.



Pain medications might be a tempting solution to your back pain but it just won’t provide long-lasting relief. That’s why VAX-D and DRX9000 spinal decompression system was created to make the pain go away for good.

Almost everybody has experienced back pain at some point in their lives. As expected, most people would turn to pain medications to find relief. But does pain medication really helps? Or does it make things worse?

It can’t be helped that people would turn to pain medications at the onset of pain. These drugs cost less and are more accessible. However, people think that just because drugs provide quick relief they are addressing the problem right. What they fail to notice is that these will only serve to disguise other symptoms.